Hệ thống trang thiết bị hiện đại nhất thế giới

The world's top-notch medical equipment system

Being invested hundreds of billion dong, Hanoi Eye Hospital 2 are dedicated to build a hopistal with the most modern ophthalmological equipment of the world.


The world's top-notch medical equipment system


Hanoi Eye Hospital 2 is one of the few hospitals of Vietnam that has intergrated facilities and medical equipment system which consists of more than 200 top-notch ophthalmological pieces of the world.


Positive pressure operating rooms

Our system of positve pressure operating rooms minimize the risk of infetion during the surgery. 


Effectiveness of positive pressure room in medical settings

Positive pressure rooms maintain a higher pressure inside the treated area than that of the surrounding environment. This means air can leave the room without circulating back in. In this way, any airborne particle that originates in the room will be filtered out. Germs, particles, and other potential contaminants in the surrounding environment will not enter the room.

Ophthalmological equipment of Hanoi Eye Hospital 2